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Airport Shuttles

Shuttle Location: By Guest Accommodations Check In

All shuttles will be leaving the shuttle area beside the check out office starting from 6:00am until noon on a continuous basis. Please meet at the shuttle area at least two hours before your flight leaves.

For those needing a shuttle to the airport on Wednesday, July 1st, if Doug hasn’t already contacted you, you need to be at the shuttle area with your luggage ready to go no less than two hours before your flight.

Shuttles will leave as soon as they are full on a first-come, first-serve basis. We should have plenty of shuttles running so there is no need to worry about missing your flight.

If you need to confirm your flight information, contact Doug at 403-333-3055.

If you need help getting from the top of the hill to the shuttle area (and you and your luggage fit in a Mini Cord), you can text Maria at 403-869-2445 for a ride.