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Engaging with the Changing Face of Canada

Engaging with the Changing Face of Canada

A facilitated nationwide conversation on the ever-changing demographics of Canada and how we can stay ahead to be most effective in the years to come. Open to stakeholders of YFC | Youth Unlimited in Canada; staff, volunteers, boards and financial ministry partners. More information to come.

Location: Online – Zoom.
You will receive a Zoom link approximately 24hrs before the call.
Date: December 14th, 2023
Time: 12pm PST/ 1pm MST / 2pm CST / 3pm EST / 4pm AST
Workshop Length: 90 minutes

For questions, contact Daryl Stogryn at

What to Expect

This workshop is intended to be an opportunity to learn a little about current and expected trends and changes within Canada, related to ethnic diversity. We want to provide information and thinking points to help you continue to reach every young person. We also want to hear your ideas on ways that YFC in Canada can continue to engage a diverse spectrum of youth and their families in the future.
If you are part of a group in a chapter, please consider participating as a watch party.  This will give you opportunities to brainstorm and discuss as a group the implications and applications for your own chapter or programs. The Zoom call will include a number of breakout sessions and times for feedback.  Any chapter groups or watch parties will be noted and will be their own breakout group – those attending as individuals will be placed in breakout rooms online.

After the call, a group of volunteers from across the country will review the conversations and a report will be generated and sent back to all participants in February 2024.

Thank you for joining us and contributing to this important conversation.

Workshop Facilitator

Chris Pullenayegem is an immigrant from Sri Lanka where he grew up in a multi-religious and multi-ethnic context among communities fractured along these lines. Chris holds a degree in
Law (specializing in Refugee and Immigration law and policy), a Masters in Leading Innovation and Change, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology. He is a certified dialogue educator and coach. In Canada he worked as a Refugee Policy Analyst and has continued being an ardent student of the changing demographics of Canada, that adds to the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the area of migration and Diaspora.
His current work as Director of Congregational Vitality at the Vancouver School of Theology includes building a vision for a new and emerging church in Canada co-created by established and migrant communities of faith. This involves researching and developing resources to facilitate this evolution.  He is a trainer in cross-cultural competencies and multi-faith awareness and is a keen observer and advocate of the link between Kingdom expansion and people movements.

Chris has decades of experience working with the Church in matters relating to church renewal, leadership, youth, new ministry development and discipleship/faith formation. He has lots of experience in leading startups/new initiatives and brings passion, people skills and sound strategy to help them grow. Chris finds recreation in music and outdoor activities.
You may read some of his reflections here.