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NMC 2017 Blanket Exercise

On Thursday, June 29th at 3pm Lloyd Letkeman will be leading us through the Blanket Exercise. We encourage everyone to be part of this experience.


Here is a brief description of what to expect:

Walking with others in ministry is enhanced as we learn each other’s stories, especially in cross-cultural contexts. The Blanket Exercise helps us to enter history through a powerful simulation experience. It helps us to gain an appreciation for Canada’s history from a First Nations’ perspective. By knowing the story from colonization to the present, we are better equipped to be allies and sojourners together as we follow Creator and his Son, Jesus. Reconciliation begins with individuals. Reconciliation is a journey of friendship, walking together toward a renewed future reality as we acknowledge the past and learn from our mistakes and ancestors.

Watch the introduction video here.


Welcome to the Blanket Exercise from KAIROS Canada on Vimeo.