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Here you can find the recordings for the sessions at NMC. Press “Play” below or click the link to download*:

*If the “Download” link opens the file in a new window instead of downloading, you can right-click on it and use “Save As” to save it to your computer, or you can right click on the “Download” link and use the “Save Link/Target As” option.

Carey Nieuwhof – Session 1 – Thursday AM – Bigger Than Vision – Download

Carey Nieuwhof – Session 2 – Thursday AM – Why People Are Attending Church Less Often – Download

Carey Nieuwhof – Session 3 – Thursday PM

We ran into technical issues and the recording for this session did not work as expected. We will try to recover some of it, but not all of it is available. Stay tuned for more later.

Update: A participant recorded this session on his voice recorder – the quality will not be the same as a recording done directly from the microphone, but you will have access to the content (thanks Tim!). We will post this soon!

Also, as we tried something different for the following sessions, please be patient as we tweak the settings (there might be some distortion on some of the audio).

Tim Coles – National Update – Friday AM – Download

Dave Brereton – National Vision – Friday AM – Download

Geordon Rendle – YFCI President – Saturday AM – Download

Please note that in this message Geordon talks about sensitive nations, so all potentially sensitive references were removed (you will notice silence in those spots).