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This is our chance to say THANK YOU!

Wow! NMC 2015 is now done and we have MANY unsung heroes to thank! Now the scary thing is we will probably miss many many names so we apologize but we are thankful for each of you nonetheless!

Special shout out to Patrick Boller and Darryl Parsons for the incredible way in which they supported our web and communication pieces and then came to work our sound boards in the absence of another YFC family member as he faced a tragic family crisis.

Our volunteers who signed up to join us in Kelowna for the kids program as well as those who attended NMC and also gifted us their time and talent to care for our youth and children, we are so very thankful for all of you! People like Jeff Standerwick, Katy Brereton, Jesse James, Melissa Shepski, Chad Gelderman, Christine Coles, Maureen Pryce, Sandra Clark, Riley, Rahul, Anne, Mackey, Thea (I apologize for not catching your last names), Clay Cole, Guy and Kaleb Freeman & our Young Life volunteers, Sara, Levi, Hannnah for helping run our kids program.

Now let’s talk shuttle drivers! Chris Hyslop, Tombert Chen, Ben Rodgers, Barry McLeod, Calvin Williams, Geordon Rendle, Tim Gadd, Steve Klassen, Mark Koop, Robbie Taylor, Theo Devries, Derian Julihn, Ken Neufeld, James Parleee, Danny Ferguson, Paul MachMurchie, Chuck Harper… and I know there were more I never met! To each of you… thank you!

The International Board for joining us for their meetings.

Then there were the Melissa Kypers, Brenda Kennedys, Gary MacDonalds, Gordon Kroekers and Carmen Rempels who would often be found nearby saying, “Hey put me to work! I’d love to serve and be part of this!”

Then there are all of those who led workshops and who hosted our speakers,  oh and of course the speakers themselves… and the band! Wow right?! Thank you to the National team who also worked so diligently to host this event. And our MC’s!

And Lianne Elkanah, Ruth Wugh, Kimberly Peters, Shelley Hutchinson, Wendy Lister and Vicky Wik – all spouses of our Calgary staff who made this trip especially to serve us.

Then those from GVYFC who lended us things like sound equipment or family members who brought in kids toys and highchairs, Carelle Mckellan who was our on site RN and our many First-aiders that kept on standby, the photographers who snapped us some beautiful keepsakes… so many to thank! There were a lot of hands and hearts invested into this gathering!

YLABers who brought us some memorable Lip Sync Battles.

Really, we were all part of something amazing. One of the most wonderful things we have in YFC is the concept  of family where we team huddle, get our hands dirty and in the midst of it all, we draw closer together. We do this out of an amazing desire to serve each other.

Thank you for allowing our team to have this opportunity to come and serve you all and we thank each of who who came alongside of us to do just the same.

Here’s to you, our unsung heroes of NMC 2015! We now sign off and say to each of you, may the Lord keep you and provide all you need to continue serving with Youth for Christ.

Kind Regards,

Maria Nndem & the YFC Greater Calgary Team